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New Appeals

Extension Headers

Presented at NANOG58 - No plans for further development at this time.

IPv6 Security Myths

Presented at NANOG58 - Watch the BCOP Track here

Author: Chris Grundemann

Wiki Formatted Page: IPv6 Security Myths



IPv6 Peering

This BCOP aims to provide general IPv6 Peering and Transit guidelines that can be followed by any network operator when planning and implementing any IPv6 Peering/Transit relationship. The primary focus is on understanding BGP peering and filtering. We (the Global Network Engineering Community(GNEC)) have made many mistakes with IPv4 Peering and Transit configurations and operational practices. As operators begin turning up more and more IPv6 E-BGP sessions with peers and transit providers, there is an opportunity to do things right from the beginning. While the details of these peering and transit relationships can be varied and specific, the technical realities remain largely the same. These technical realities inform the best practices listed here.

Shepard: Chris Grundemann

Subject Matter Expert(s) (SME): Zaid Ali, Bill Blackford, Chris Grundemann, Aaron Hughes, Darius Jahandarie, Jonathan Lassoff, Joe Provo, Ren Provo, Brandon Ross, Michael K. Smith

Wiki Formatted Page: IPv6 Peering Transit BCOP v0-6



Public Peering Exchange Participant

This BCOP aims to update the current BCOP-Exchange Points v2 BCOP and be more focused on practices from the participants perspectives. The Exchange Point Operator's contents are to be moved into separate documents.

Shepard: Shawn Hsiao

Subject Matter Expert(s) (SME): TBD

Wiki Formatted Page: Public Peering Exchange Participant BCOP v0

eBGP Configuration

This BCOP aims to provide a singular, consistent view of industry standard eBGP interconnection and stewardship methodologies

Shepard: Bill Armstrong

Subject Matter Expert(s) (SME): Scott Morris, Aaron Weintraub, Raghav Bhargava, Alex Saroyan, Courtney Smith, Mannan Venkatesan, Russell Harrison, Bill Armstrong

Wiki Formatted Page: EBGP Configuration BCOP v0.1

Comments about the documents are welcome and can be directed to the BCOP mailing list. You can subscribe to the BCOP Mail List at http://mailman.nanog.org/mailman/listinfo/bcop