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At the February 6, 2012, BCOP meeting at NANOG 54, the following documents were ratified as official Best Current Operational Practices:

BCOP Development Process

This document defines the Global Network Engineering Communities (GNEC) Best Current Operational Practices Development Process (BCOP-DP). The GNEC BCOP-DP is the process by which all BCOPs authored by the community are developed by and for the GNEC.

BCOP-DPs are developed in an open and transparent manner by the GNEC. Anyone may participate in the process. The BCOP-DP described in this document defines how BCOPs are established from within the Global Network Engineering Community (GNEC).

Part I of this document provides background information regarding the GNEC BCOP-DP and Part II provides the details of the process.

Author: Chris Grundemann

Status: This document was ratified as a BCOP at the IPBCOP session of NANOG 54 on February 6, 2012.

Word Format Download: NANOG-BCOP-DP_d02.docx

Wiki Formated Page: NANOG-BCOP-DP

IPv6 Subnetting

This BCOP provides general IPv6 subnetting guidelines that can be followed by any network operator when planning and implementing an IPv6 network deployment. The primary focus is on understanding IPv6 subnets and addressing plans, creating operational clarity and future proofing.

Due primarily to the lack of a need for the scarcity mentality inherent in IPv4 address planning, IPv6 subnetting brings with it a new paradigm that needs to be understood by network operators looking to roll out IPv6 networks, either purely greenfield or alongside current IPv4 networks (new logical networks sharing common infrastructure). This paradigm shift has prompted the Global Network Engineering Community (GNEC) to repeatedly request that the BCOP for IPv6 subnetting be defined and documented.

Shepard: Chris Grundemann 

Subject Matter Expert(s) (SME): Chris Grundemann, Aaron Hughes, Owen DeLong

Status: This document was ratified as a BCOP at the IPBCOP session of NANOG 54 on February 6, 2012.

Download: BCOP-IPv6_Subnetting.pdf

Wiki Formated Page: IPv6 Subnetting

Public Peering Exchange

This document describes the physical and network components that comprise the best current operational practices for connecting to a public peering exchange point. It also provides general configuration parameters and guidelines, but does not include vendor-specific configuration information.

There are a multitude of exchange points around the world each of which has a set of independent providers using a common exchange fabric to connect and pass traffic to one another. Although there are always specific configuration requirements for particular exchange points, there are also common configuration parameters that, if used, will add to the stability of any exchange.

This BCOP lays out the guidelines that should apply in most situations, providing a foundation for Exchange-specific requirements, but not superseding them. The specific rules of any exchange must be followed even when contrary to the guidelines specified in the BCOP document.

Subject Matter Expert(s) (SME): Michael K. Smith, Florian Hibler

Status: This document was ratified as a BCOP at the IPBCOP session of NANOG 54 on February 6, 2012.

Download: (Ratified version will be posted soon.)

Previous Version: BCOP-Exchange_Points_v2.pdf‎

Wiki Formated Page: BCOP-Exchange_Points_v2

Ethernet OAM

This BCOP aims to provide general Ethernet OAM Orientation and Guidelines that can be followed by any network operator whom wants or needs to utilize Ethernet OAM features. The primary focus is on understanding EOAM technologies.

Shepard: Mark Calkins

Subject Matter Expert(s) (SME): Jean-Francois Levesque, Voitek Kozack, Mark Calkins

Wiki Formatted Page: Pending PDF Formatted Document: Pending

Downloads: BCOP-Ethernet_OAM

DDoS/DoS Attack

This BCOP aims to provide a set of practices that have best performed in production network environments as a guide of what to do before, during and after a DDoS/DoS attack. This document includes a set of practices based on experiences and tactics that have worked satisfactorily as well as other practices which have been deemed not as effective.

Shepard: Yardiel Fuentes

Subject Matter Expert(s) (SME): Rich Compton, Prabhu Gurumurthy, John W, Damon Fortune, Yardiel Fuentes

Wiki Formatted Page: DDoS-DoS-attack-BCOP


PDF version in progress.

Comments about the documents are welcome and can be directed to the BCOP mailing list. You can subscribe to the BCOP Mail List at http://mailman.nanog.org/mailman/listinfo/bcop